Pet Friendly Places

World’s Best Dog, Cat Friendly Places

If you are travelling with your dog or cat, it is a good idea if you want check out if these are pet friendly places. There are actually quite a number of famous and top class hotels that accept dogs and cats in their premises. There are some that charges you with a few dollars.

It is so hard to travel if you are thinking about your dog or cat being left alone for a period of time. This can definitely ruin your whole traveling experience especially if the furry friend is at the back of your mind. Before it is quite difficult to find a hotel that is pet friendly especially if you are looking for one that offer quality service however this is not a case anymore. Fortunately things are quite different. There are quite a number of great hotels that can accommodate your pet.

The Best Dog Friendly Accommodation

  • Best Western has a lot of hotel branches nationwide and they accept pets as a guest. If you are planning to bring your pet to your next travel adventure, make sure to check out if they have a Best Western branch and the size of dog they allow. They are charging a pet fee of about $50 a night.
  • Choice hotels are a well known accommodation for the family. They have hotel franchises that actually allow pet in the room.
  • If you have a large dog, it is wise idea to book at Kimpton Hotel where there are no extra fees for being one. You can also attend special events that are held for your pet like costume parties. The hotel also offer walking service and chew toys.
  • The famous Hilton Hotels & Resorts welcomes dogs and cats to their establishment for just $75. However you only need to bring one and it must weigh about 75 lbs lower. Upon checking your pet will receive package that includes organic treats and poop bags. Ask the concierge for some list of activities suitable for your dogs like walking and training.
  • Holiday Inns accepts pet in their hotel. They even offer treats and toys. There are litter boxes that you can borrow. Your check in packages can include walking services.

Other Dog Friendly Hotels

  • Loews Hotels have one time fee of just $25 that can cover the entire stay of the pet. There is also a room service menu that is licensed by the veterinarian. They can help deal with the dog’s travel stress. The hotel lets you borrow several items like litter boxes, leashes, collars, and pet beds. There are services included like dog walking and pet sitting.
  • Starwood hotels that are comprised of W, Westin and Sheraton hotels can accept dogs and cats. They offer a special bed that is complete with pillows and other items. Your pet will be offered food and water bowls. It also comes with personalized id badges.
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