Houston Visiting Places

Visiting Places in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas is a multicultural city and has been chosen as a haven for most immigrants. According to the latest survey, the city has the third-largest communities of Hispanics and Mexicans and has one of the largest communities of South Asian.

With various ethnic groups, the city has been called as the melting pot of different culture.

Most of the part of Houston, Texas is situated on the gulf of coastal plain. With its geographical location where most of the city was built on swampy areas, this place often experience flooding which is even aggravated by the city’s flat terrain. This place is also rich in underground water sources because of the city’s soil composition that makes the accumulation of water very conducive. Meanwhile, the city is also famous for its two large lakes, the Houston Lake and Conroe Lake.

Houston, Texas is also a highly-diverse multi-cultural city that has become the haven for various ethnic groups including South Asian, Hispanics, and Mexicans. With this diverse culture, arts flourish in this place. The theater and opera houses are abundant which attract touring Broadway shows, exhibits, and performances, making the city an ideal place for artists, ballet dancers, and all kinds of art performers.

This city has a humid subtropical climate with most of its wind coming from the deserts and Gulf of Mexico. With this wind circulation system and humid environment, this place is conducive to the formation of tornadoes and thunderstorms. This place often experience extreme climate such as afternoon thunderstorm and hot temperature during the summer months which can reach above 32 °C or 90 °F. With this extreme temperature, most of the buildings, establishments, and vehicles in the city have air-conditioning system.

In spite of its extreme climate, the city is blessed with oil and natural gas since its soil composition which is made of series of sands and clays is conducive to the accumulation of decaying organic materials which will turn into oil and natural gas over time. Since the city is rich in fossil fuel, its energy industry is one of the biggest in the world, with five of the six major energy companies in the world have large bases for massive operation in Houston, Texas.

According to a survey, the city has been included in the top 10 most impressive skylines in the world, ranking fourth place on the spot. It also boasts an amazing urban development system which includes 11 km of tunnels and skywalks which connect major business establishments, restaurants, boutiques, and convenience stores. With this impressive urban planning, people can escape the extreme climate (e.g. heavy rain shower and intense heat during the summer). The city also boasts remarkable transportation system including two giant commercial airports and complex freeways, expressways, and highways.

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