Historical Sites in Illinois

What are the Historical Sites in Illinois to Visit

Illinois is considered as the fifth-most popular State in America. Along with northeast Chicago, this place is also known for having various tourist attractions making economy improve and develop. It has small industrial cities and agricultural productivity. It is also rich in natural resources such as timber, coal, and petroleum. There are more interesting things you will experience in Illinois, so if you don’t want to miss another good opportunity to enjoy your life, try to visit the historical sites in Illinois.

Traveling to different places is one of the best achievements of everyone. In fact, most people believe that this is a great investment that gives priceless rewards plus a fulfillment and long lasting enjoyment. If you are looking for the best place that you will be able to enjoy within a short period of time, Illinois is the best place for you. Aside from its geographical significant and economic improvement, Illinois(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illinois) has its own pride that no one can ever refuse to discover. These are the remarkable places, most especially, the historical sites that give importance to the preserved chronological areas. Here are some historical sites of Illinois.

Preserved Sites in New Salem

This place was instituted by young Abe who became a lawyer and was known as politician. New Salem has various exhibits which shows the significant events during Lincoln’s early days. There are custom interpreters recreating roles of the early days to fascinate the visitors. There are also horse-drawn wagon rides and summer riverboat rides in the Sagamon River. These activities provide great security and orientation because there are historical demonstrations and self-guided tours. In addition to that, there is also a collection of unique and preserved cabins established in the early 1800’s including copper shops, a school house, town blacksmith shop, and some offices.

Wonderful Land of Springfield

This site was established during the birth of Abraham Lincoln. In fact, it became the heart area of Illinois because of Lincoln’s efforts. This place welcomes the plain wood-frame house which pictures the native place. This native house is built in 1839 and was specially decorated by the wife of the 16th president, Mary Todd Lincoln. Inside of these houses, visitors are able to see the unique and stunning designs with several preserved family pictures. There are also several buildings located within this four-block historic region. Here is also the Old State Capital where you can also visit and see Lincoln’s famous speech, “House Divided”.

Artistic Dickson Mounds Museums

With sixteen acres, this site has a large number historical events and places that you will surely enjoy. There is National Heritage Site which known for many pre-historic Indian burial mounds. This also contains amazing artifacts which show the lives of the Illinois River Valley ancestors. Such of these artifacts are weapons, old tools found in the place, and pottery. There are also five historic American Indian villages wherein you can find the Middle Woodland mound burial site.

Amazing Spot of Decatur

Decatur is one of the best places of Illinois when it comes to amazing chronological story. This site has Birks Museum houses that contain various significant artifacts and other important artistic artworks. It also offers some outdoor activities such as fishing and skiing.

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