Historical Places in New Zealand

Historical Places to See in New Zealand

There are a number of places of historical significance in New Zealand, which have a story of their own to tell. They are architecturally wonderful buildings and carry a vast untold history of the country. Historical places in New Zealand include Larnach Castle, Otago Gold Fields, Te Maketu and many more. You must visit these buildings.

For those who love to have a taste of architectural buildings, New Zealand offers a large number of worth visiting historical places. They stand tall in the country spread in different parts of the country. Almost each historical building has a story to tell of its own.

Larnach Castle- this is the only historic castle of New Zealand. It was built in the year 1871 by William Larnach for his beautiful wife. The building is known for its rich architectural designs. You can find a variety of antiques in the castle which have been collected from world over.

Otago Gold Fields- these are the gold mining fields and are one of the most fascinating places to visit. They are in fact one of the oldest gold mining centres and hence their importance is great as they tell the story of industrialisation. This was discovered around 140 years ago and is said to be located at Kawarau Gorge.

Te Maketu- the place is known for some of the best sightseeing places, it has beautiful valleys, fertile soil and the climate too is fine all throughout the year in this part of the country. This place too has historical significance as it was inhabited by the Maori tribe around 1600 years ago. Missionaries also inhabited this place.

Kaipara North Head Lighthouse- it has broad significance both historically as well as archaeologically. It was built in 1884. This is one of the few remaining timber lighthouses of New Zealand. The place is considered to be an ideal of its kind.

The Springvale Bridge- the place tells the story of romance woven in history. In historical times, European travellers have visited this place. There also remain the evidence of Moa being hunted here. The bridge is known to have carried traffic for as many as 45 years and it is only recently that a new bridge has been built nearby.

Matanaka Farm- it is one of the oldest farms in the country built in around 1843. It was established by Johny Jones and is spread over 290 ha property. There is so much to visit in the place. The farm consists of stables, schools, granary. These places are open to the public. When you visit this place, you will get to know of the vast history of Otago.

The Colonial Cottage Museum- it is one of the oldest city buildings, built in around 1858.

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