Fun Things to Do In Cambridge

What to Do In Cambridge

If you want to travel to Cambridge, you will have to find out the things that you can do. You have several options in the market. Plan your vacation well and you will have fun.

Relaxation is important and if you’re a workaholic, it is time that you give yourself a break. If you don’t want to be alone, there is a need to visit Cambridge. The community members help one another to maintain the strong economy of the place and keeping the city special. The neighborhoods or squares are very inviting, as well as the independent shops. Whether its winter or spring, you will find lots of people on the streets.


For travelers with interest in technology engineering, and science history, you should visit the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Museum. The purpose of this establishment is to spark people’s scientific imagination. By paying $5 for the admission fee, you can already witness the popular exhibits like Emerging Technologies Gallery and Artificial Intelligence exhibit. You also need to check the MIT Chapel because the structure dates back to 1955. The mid-century architecture is shaped like a cylinder and it doesn’t have a door or a window. The public can visit the chapel to see its comfort and warmth.

Near MIT, you can find Kendall Band. This is a public art that is found at the Kendall subway station. Installed in 1987 through the efforts of Paul Matisse, you will find the musical instruments that the public can use. To use the metal kinetic instruments, you have to pay for the fare token.

Watch Shooting Of Films

Did you know a lot of movies are being filmed in Cambridge? If you want to see Hollywood celebrities, you may be able to catch a glimpse of your favorite stars while they are filming. There are many great locations in the city and all you have to do is look around. Are you familiar with Henry Wordsworth Longfellow? You can find his resting place in Cambridge.

Even if you’re not from Cambridge, you can make the most out of your stay by visiting these places:

  • ImprovBoston – the comedians will surely be able to make you laugh and with reasonably priced tickets, you can still buy some drink and snacks. You will also get a chance to mingle with the top performers. You can check it any time and you will surely get a god laugh.
  • Boutique Fabulous – this is a boutique that’s worth exploring because it sells a lot of items by local designers. You can find vintage designs, as well as new ones. With their friendly and helpful staff, you can pick the right gift and souvenir.
  • Savenor’s Market – if you want to enjoy the local scene of the city, you should check out Savenor’s Market. It offers specialty foods, quality meats, and other delicious foods. To get fresh foods, this is the best place.
  • City Girl Cafe – you can find this at Inman Square and if you want to grab a delicious sandwich, with fresh ingredients, you should check it out. You can even get a beer or wine as you enjoy the vintage decoration and friendly staff.
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