Fun Places to Go In Chicago

Fun Things to do in Chicago

Located in the heart of Lake Michigan, Chicago is known as the third largest city in United States. It has the second busiest airport in the entire world. When it comes to business relations, this place is recognized as the global financial center. To know more about Chicago, you can read this article because it contains various fun places to go in Chicago.

Due to Chicago’s remarkable popular destinations, lots of tourists never miss to go to this place. This is also a place where you will find some remarkable aesthetic artworks and other entertainment facilities. This place also welcomes large collections of exciting outdoor activities that provide non-stop enjoyment. With Chicago’s history and geographic facts, you can imagine there are innumerable attractive places to visit. Below are some examples of Chicago’s places that would be perfect for your adventure.

Remarkable Millennium Park

This place is said to be the next best destination to the Navy Pier when it comes to popular tourist attraction. Visitors are very interested to go in this place because it has an easy access to different productive places such as East Monroe, Michigan Avenue, and Columbus Drive. This is named as the Millennium Park because it was recognized to be Chicago’s most significant civic project. It is also the pride of Chicago because it is well constructed with unique and expensive materials. Whether you are new or frequent visitors of the city, you will surely be amazed with the park that was completely designed by one of the popular architects Rank Gehry. It is established over a wide parking garage making it as the world’s biggest rooftop garden. In addition to that, this is also a place for several civic works of art that were built in the form of sophisticated sculptures and classical fountains. Also, you can encounter colorful gardens that are full of flowers and different varieties of tress and other plants. You can also find a bandstand, a promenade, and an athletic area where you can perform other outdoor activities such as skating and biking.

Memorable Field Museum of Natural History

Like the Millennium Park, Field Museum of Natural History is also considered as one of the grand park of Chicago. It is part of the biggest entertainment compound which is known as the Museum Campus Chicago. With approximate size of fifty-seven acre, this park features various large amusement establishments such as Shedd Aquarium and Alder Planetarium. There is also the field Museum which is found at South lake Shore Drive. It is popular for its dinosaur’s monument called Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It also contains large collection of artifacts from different memorable places like Native Americans, Ancient Egypt, and other taxidermy animals.

The Amazing Magnificent Mile

This is described as magnificent because it is really a mile long. This is located in the heart place of Michigan Avenue. Because it is served as the main road between the business region of the Chicago Loop and Gold Coast, many tourists are very interested to visit the place. Aside from these, there are also shopping areas such as boutiques and other malls that contain branded materials.

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