Fun Places in Oregon

Where to Go in Oregon

If you’re visiting and wondering what fun places in Oregon you can go to, worry no more we’ll provide you with a short list of the best and most visited places in Oregon. Oregon is located in the area known as the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Its neighboring states include California and Nevada found on its South and Southeastern side respectively. Washington is found on its North side and on its West it is bounded by the Pacific Ocean.

You a have a choice of fun places to go to in Oregon. You can check out the Portland Metro, the biggest metropolitan area in Oregon and its many diverse attractions that will cater to all your interests. If your interests lie in the arts you can visit the numerous and galleries found in the city. There are a total of 26 that you can choose from and these museums and galleries feature a variety of themes, like historical, science, glass, rocks, 3D art and photography, glass and military museums. Those who like the theater can go take a pick from the 17 theaters in the area. There are a lot of interesting historical sites in the Portland Metro area you can check out and when you want to relax and breathe in the sites and sounds of nature, you can visit nature parks which also abound in the area. There are Chinese and Japanese gardens that you can also visit.

The list of fun places in Oregon would not be complete without the mention of Mount Hood and the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge. Views of town near the river can be gazed upon when on the gorge. When you visit Mount Hood you shouldn’t miss skiing on any one of the four ski areas nearby. A visit to the Mount Hood area would not be complete without sampling the delicious fruits like apples, apricots, blueberries grown in the area. For people who want a glimpse of history, there are also museums and other historical sites that can be included in your itinerary.

If you like to visit wineries, the Willamette Valley is the place to visit. There are more than 200 wineries in this area which are sources of different kinds of wine that earned the area the title Wine Country. Aside from the wineries, the area is also known for its abundant agricultural products which can be bought on roadside stalls and farmer’s markets.

The Southern part of Oregon is the home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival which is based in Ashland. Aside from that Ashland is also famous for its mouth-watering chocolates and cheeses. The deepest lake in the United States and the whole North America is found in South Oregon. Naturally some of the most popular activities to be enjoyed when visiting this place include fishing and rafting. However golfers can also practice teeing off in the numerous golf courses around the area.

The Eastern part of Oregon is the place to go to see the breathtaking views of mountains contrasting with the desert. It is also home to Hells Canyon which is considered the steepest canyon in North America and the vast Mountains of Steens. Lastly Central Oregon is the place where you can enjoy all sorts of sporting activities ranging from golf, fly-fishing, hiking, mountain- and rock-climbing, and skiing during the winter. And when you’re through with the strenuous activities, you can relax and enjoy the regions diverse selection of restaurants and vibrant night-life.

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