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Travel Guide in Eastern Townships, Quebec

For tourists who want to have a different vacation experience aside from a tropical island, the best place to visit is the Eastern Townships which is a term used in all the cities, villages, and towns south of St. Lawrence.

In terms of natural beauty, this place has a lot to offer including pristine lakes and rivers, mountain ranges, well-preserved forests, and rich fauna and flora.

The Eastern Townships, a term used in all the villages, cities, and towns south of St. Lawrence, has been widely popular among tourists who want to see series of mountain range, pristine lakes, and well-preserved forests and wildlife.

These are the places included in the Eastern Townships

Asbestos city

During the 1800s, the city has become popular as a rich source of asbestos. And while this place still produces this mineral, it has now become more popular with its well-preserved Victorian houses, Gothic churches, and quaint structures which date back hundreds of years ago.

Brome- Missisquoi

Considered to be one of the first settlements in Lower Canada, this county has preserved its Anglo-Saxon atmosphere by restoring its Victorian-style mansions which are still found in many of the villages here.

Aside from its breathtaking architectural beauty, tourists can also visit some craft stores which sell souvenir items.


Pronounced as "Koatikeku" which means “river of the pinelands”, this place is considered by most tourists as the perfect countryside where milk farms and orchards show the simple beauty of life.

Meanwhile, one of the most visited in the area is the Balnea spa that has been popular for its thermal pool and outdoor salt-water spas surrounded by a mountain range and thick forest.

Haut Saint-François

For tourists looking for the perfect place for a nature trip, Haut Saint-François is the most ideal among other counties in the region with its highly-diverse flora and fauna. In terms of quaint architectural buildings, this place also boasts some of the most beautiful heritage houses surrounded by agricultural land, mountain ranges, and streams.


This is probably the best place to do outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, biking, camping, fishing, and hunting in its two popular national parks.


While this place is also popular for its natural beauty and breathtaking views (ideal for hiking and biking), tourists also visit the place because of its theater which is a replica of the Boston Opera House.


For tourists who want to explore the rich past of Canada, Sherbrooke is the best place to visit as it offers a historical tour to its heritage streets in the backdrop of green valleys and hills.

Val Saint-François

During the 19th century, this place was a booming industrial city for its rich minerals such as copper, slate, and potassium. Today, there are several museums showing how the city has exploited its natural resources.

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