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Detroit Michigan is a unique city in the Midwest. It is known to be as an automobile manufacturing city. There are a lot of reasons to visit the city and this includes the food, climate, sports attractions and architectural structures.

Explore this city and you will find out that this place offer more that just anything related to car industry.

If you are looking for an extraordinary city to visit, then Detroit is the place that you may want to give a try. It is geographically situated in the Midwest. It has a landscape filled with great architecture and culture that is bound to enchant you. This city is often referred to as Motor city and Motown because it is the center of automobile manufacturing. Other names include Arsenal of Democracy, The D, D-town and Rock City.

There are a lot of reasons to visit this unique city. One is the food selection that it has to offer. From seafood, traditional American food to Italian, you can find it here in Detroit. You should try the independent restaurants aside from the well known fast food chains. There are also small cafes around the area that offers food for the soul. The good thing about Detroit food is the fact that they are not expensive and you will definitely get the value of your money. Some restaurants offer great view and music that perfectly compliment that sumptuous meal.

Another good thing about Detroit is their climate which is considered to be diverse. You will experience here the four seasons. The hot summer is perfect for a beach getaway while winter makes you want to curl up in the fireplace. If you are a first time visitor of the city, then you will be amazed at how friendly and approachable the people of Detroit. You can definitely talk to anyone that can tell you about the area. Detroit is boasting its cultural district center with the best art museums and centers that you can find. If you are a sports enthusiast then you would love Detroit as it got a lot of sports team. Enjoy the game atmosphere in Comerica Park, john Louis arena or in ford field. These are the great venues if you like to see sport action.

If you are fond of architecture, then you might want to view the city’s skyline. Detroit got numerous buildings just like any major cities that got a business district. Some buildings here are almost 20 years old.

A lot of people think that Detroit attractions revolve around car industry but its entertainment is more than that. Although there are museums that give information about the auto industry, it is more than just car. You will be surprised at how much Detroit has to offer. The Detroit riverwalk is one of the greatest attraction that city has to offer as you can walk, bike or rollerblade in this three mile stretch. You can definitely relax and chill here

The Campus Martius is another popular destination to go to when you are in the city of Detroit. The best place to go here is during summertime where you watch concerts and performances. During winter the whole area is converted to a big skating rink and this is considered to be the best in the city.

Other attractions include Detroit hart plaza, Greek town and other must see attractions that will make you realized that Detroit is more than just a motorcity.

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