Desert Tourist Attractions

Where to Go for the Desert Adventure

Wondering where to go to experience and see desert tourist attractions? We’ll help you find the desert perfect for your vacation plans. All over the world there are a lot of desert tourist destinations that you can visit, you just need to decide where you want to be and if your budget can cover the costs of travelling to these places.

The United States has its very own desert tourist attractions scattered in various states. California has several desert areas, one of the most popular of which is Death Valley. It is a desert that is part of a bigger desert, the Mojave Desert, which covers parts of several other states. Located within Death Valley is the lowest point in the North American continent, the Badwater Basin. One of the attractions inside Death Valley is the Death Valley National Park. Nature lovers would surely marvel at the beauty of the geological formations, rock colors as well as the sand dunes in the area. Popular activities in the area include nature tripping and camping. There are several museums and golf course for those who want to shoot some holes.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is another desert tourist attraction in the United States found in the area of the Colorado Desert and part of California. The park is home to a diverse selection of flora and fauna. It is home to an endangered species of palm native only to California. The scenery around the park is composed of beautiful formations and badlands in full color. Due to the presence of springs in the area, the park is also home to different animal species. As a matter of fact, bird-watching is a popular activity in this desert park. The Joshua Tree National Park got its name from the Joshua tree that only grows there. A popular activity in the desert park includes hiking and communing with the nature while looking at the unusual geological formations, where the Joshua trees can also be found in thick clusters. Like the other two California deserts, it is also home to a lot of different species of plants and animals. Accommodations when visiting the desert park is not a problem because there a number of hotels situated around the area.

Other desert tourist attractions in the North American continent include the Chihuahuan, Great Basin, Mojave and the Sonoran Deserts.

Aside from the US, popular desert tourist attractions can be found in other continents such as Africa, Australia and Asia. The Sahara Desert covers part of Egypt and Libya, and as everyone knows Egypt is the home of the Great Pyramids and a lot of other remnants of ancient civilizations that continue to draw millions of visitors yearly.

Australia is also proud to have its own desert tourist attractions; in fact Australia has five deserts. In these modern times, these deserts have become more accessible to tourist who wants to have a different type of vacation. Communing with nature as well as marveling at the beautiful landscape is becoming an extremely popular alternative to having a vacation in bustling areas.

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