Cities to Visit in Texas

Must-See Sights in Texas

Are you planning a vacation and wondering what cities to visit in Texas? There are a number of cities within Texas that you should not miss when visiting the state. Texas is the second most populous American state next to California and also the second largest in area next to Alaska. The state has a lot of noteworthy places to visit scattered throughout its major cities.

Included in the list of cities to visit in Texas is Houston, the states’ largest city. If you are a sports fan will not be disappointed if you visit Houston. The city has been host to a lot of major sports events. If you visit, chances are you will catch a sports event featuring the home team Right in Houston. The city boasts of a Theater and a Museum district. One of Houston’s notable attractions is the Johnson Space Center where you can visit the NASA Space Center. This is also where the Mission Control Tower, where scientists communicate with the astronauts in the space shuttles, is located. Visitors can also view scientific exhibits as well as presentations about NASA’s history.

Next on your list of cities to visit in Texas is San Antonio which ranks second in Texas’ largest cities. Its cultural influence is distinctively Mexican. The city is quite famous for the number of missions or outposts established by different religious orders who came to the country to spread Christianity. The Alamo is also a famous landmark in the area because it was the site of the battle between the Mexicans and the Texans which the latter won and henceforth gave them their independence from the colonizers. Other popular places you can visit in San Antonio include the River Walk where you can enjoy a quiet walk along the San Antonio River, at least until you get to the portion where the malls are located. After a leisurely walk you can sit down on one of the many restaurants lined up along the riverside. Other prominent places in San Antonio include the Tower of the Americas, and the theme parks SeaWorld and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. San Antonio is also known to be home to several U.S. military bases.

Do not forget to include Austin in your list of cities to visit in Texas. Austin is the state capital and the fourth largest city. The most prominent attraction in Austin is the state Capitol. You can avail of the guided tours inside. Make your way to the Arboretum for an experience in fancy dining and shopping. The Austin music scene is alive with its concert series that is unrivalled in the whole country.

Your visit to Texas would not be complete if you do not visit Amarillo, Dallas and Fort Worth. Amarillo is famous for the American Quarter House Association, a museum that is devoted to the American Quarter Horse breed that is popularly used for racing. One of the most places for dining in Amarillo is the Big Texan, where you can also play games and win prizes aside from getting your stomach full.
Make sure to visit neighboring cities, Dallas and Fort Worth before heading back home. Dallas is an excellent place to visit because of the overflowing number of popular places in the area. Cotton Bowl is in Dallas as well as the very popular Reunion Tower known locally as the “Ball”. Go on top of the tower where you can just look around and dine if ever you get hungry. The interesting fact about the tower is that it is revolving, although you can’t feel it. It gives you a chance to see the whole Dallas scenery even while sitting down and dining.

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