Chihuahua-Showcasing the Rich Past of Mexico

Unconventional Beauty of Mexico

For tourists who want to have a glimpse of the rich historic and cultural past of Mexico should visit Chihuahua, a place which has maintained its colonial vestige and grand palaces built during the Spanish era.

In terms of natural beauty, the place has many things to offer such as waterfalls, luxuriant vegetation, and breath-taking rock formation.

Chihuahua, a state of Mexico near the boarder of El Paso, Texas, is a place which may be considered as an unconventional tourist destination but can still manage to captivate anyone with its rich with historic and cultural past.

Blast from the Past

Tourists should pay visit to De La Revolucion Museum which was the former home of Pancho Villa, a revolutionary general who was declared as the country’s national hero.

Another must-see place is the Government Palace where Miguel Hidalgo, referred as the father of the country, has spent his last remaining days before being persecuted by Spanish soldiers. The palace, designed with a neoclassic style, also offers an extensive collection of murals illustrating the history of Mexico.

Natural Beauty

For nature lovers, the first ideal excursion is the Copper Canyon which is deeper than United State’s Grand Canyon. This group of canyons, formed by rivers for millions of years, is also rich in biodiversity. However, this natural beauty is under threat from poachers and illegal loggers.

One of the most ideal hiking routes for tourists is the Candameña Canyon which can be trekked for three days and has easy course highly ideal for beginners, making tour guides unnecessary (however, they are available in case that tourists want to have a companion).

Along the route of Candameña Canyon, hikers will see impressive rock formations including Peña Del Gigante (Giant Rock) and Piedra Volada (Flying Stone) which is the tallest waterfall in Mexico that only flows during the wet season.

In the heart of Copper Canyon is where Basaseachic National Park lies which has become famous among tourists with its group of waterfalls. Basaeachic Cascade, one of the falls found in the national park, is the second highest in Mexico and offers captivating view and rich flora.

Accommodations, Restaurants, and Facilities

There are several accommodations in Chihuahua that range from the most expensive hotels to the most affordable inns and private residences for travelers with limited budget.

Chihuahua is also dotted with restaurants, food stalls, and small eateries—places which must be visited by tourists who want to taste a unique Mexican dish, especially the Cabrito el pastor which is a roasted goat.

The place has also become popular with its special kinds of cheese including Menonita and Asadero. Meanwhile, tourists should also taste the local drink called Tesguino which is made of corn.

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