Monterrey-The City of Mountains

Gem of the Central Mexico

Monterrey is a city located north of central Mexico that offers breath-taking landmarks, fun activities, delectable cuisine, and rich culture for its tourists. Meanwhile, this wealthy city has also been the choice for business travellers with its modern convenience despite maintaining its rich colonial past.

Despite being situated north of central Mexico, Monterrey is a city with European flair combined with a distinct Latin culture, making this place a good destination for tourists looking for a diverse and exciting experience.

Monterrey, also known as the “City of Mountains”, is surrounded by majestic Sierra Madre Mountains that give this place a rustic look despite being the third-largest city in the country and has become one of the top choices of Americans business travellers.

Must-see Landmarks

Macro Plaza is one of the main attractions of the city that any tourist should not miss to visit. At the heart of the square is the Faro Comercio (Tower or Commerce) which is the highest monument in the country.

Because the plaza is big (almost 6 blocks), many people visit the place to have a quiet stroll along walkways surrounded by trees and benches and also dotted with water fountains.

Just a walking-distance from the plaza, tourists can visit the Paseo Santa Lucia which is probably the best area to escape from the bustling city as its walkway is dotted with cafes and restaurants that sometimes offer live performance. The best time to visit this place is during the evening when the ambience is romantic with its lighting and soft music.

Also in the heart of the city, the Barrio Antiguo is a must-see destination with its colonial architecture that will show the place’s rich past. The town also boasts fine restaurants and quaint cafes which offer delectable cuisine.

City Nightlife

While Monterrey is smaller compared to other Mexico’s cities, it still boasts a vibrant nightlife but in a calmer and more romantic way.

In Barrio Antiguo, some quaint cafes offer “quiet” music and romantic ambience. On the other hand, people who choose pandemonium experience can also enjoy some disco houses and nightclubs that offer upbeat songs.

Some places in the city also offer theater houses for different performances such as ballet, opera, jazz and blues, and live music.

Exciting Activities

For tourists with children, Parque La Pastora is an ideal place to visit with its zoo, lake, and wide promenading walkway. In close proximity from this place is the Bosque Magico which is a children’s amusement park that offers rides and special shows.

Meanwhile, there are many bullfight and rodeo arenas scattered in the city and are opened to the public throughout the year.

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