Tijuana-Mexico's Sin City

Ideal Destination for Shoppers and Party-goers

Tijuana attracts more than 40 million tourists, mostly young college Americans who want to take advantage of the city's lower legal drinking age of 18 and the cheap nightclubs and bars.

For those who are into shopping, they can also visit the Revolucion Ave. which is probably the most visited place among tourists who want to purchase unique souvenirs.

Tijuana is Mexico’s version of sin city but in a captivating and esoteric way that it manages to attract more than 40 million foreign tourists, most of them young Americans who are taking advantage of its lower drinking age of 18.

The city, located approximately 20 miles south of San Diego, is probably the world’s busiest land-border crossing with at least 300,000 visitors on any given day. Relying on tourism as its major source of revenue, the place offers a priceless experience for tourists especially those who are in a tight budget.

Haven for Gourmand Eater and Foodie

Anyone who appreciates food and have a taste bud for something exciting and unique will find Tijuana as a place where taco stands, street foods, and cheap restaurants dotted almost every corner of the street.


Bull Fights

For tourists who want to witness a time-honored fight between a man and beast can visit Tijuana in May to November when bull fights are tradionally held.

The place has two bull rings: the El Toreo de Tijuana which it is located near the city and the Plaza Monumental which is the second largest bull ring and located near a beach, thus earning the name “Bull Ring by the Sea”.

Shop for Exotic Souvenirs

Revolucion Ave. is probably the most visited part of Tijuana as thousands of tourists flock the five block area of hundreds of shops selling clay pots, body ornaments, leather goods, trinkets, jewelries, blankets with ethnic prints, and other exotic souvenirs.

The City’s Nightlife

Because the city has a lower legal drinking age, this has become a popular destination for American college students (especially those who are from southern California) who want to carouse all night long.

Along the Avenida Revolucion, there are many discos, strip clubs, bars, and nightclubs that provide cheap entrances and alcoholic beverages. Meanwhile, near the street lies the red-light district of “La Coahuila which is also called as “Zona Norte” where scantily-clad girls are walking the street looking for customers.

Wholesome Trip

The place does not only offer things which are sinfully delightful as tourists can also visit several museums and art galleries. Furthermore, the most famous art exhibit is the Tijuana Wax Museum, which is located near the border, showcasing popular icon and celebrities including Elvis Presley and Pancho Villa.

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