Mazatlan-The Pearl of the Pacific

Mexico's Tropical Paradise

For tourists who want to visit a popular summer getaway minus the frenzied crowd and loud parties, Mazatlan is probably the most ideal destination with its tranquil and romantic ambience, pristine water, sugar-like sand, and breath-taking scenery.

With such characteristics, which most summer destinations lack, this beachfront city has also become popular among honeymooners and couples.

Mazatlan is a popular city resort among tourists and retirees from all over the world looking for a tropical paradise that exudes tranquility and peace with its ebbing pristine water and sugar-like sand.

Situated on Mexico’s Gold Coast and near the United States, the city resort is popular among Americans tourists who want to enjoy a top-notch vacation getaway minus the frenzied crowd and loud partying.

Because of its stunning scenery, many couples choose this Pacific beachfront as their wedding destination with its quaint cathedrals and 10 miles of pure white sand.

Fun and Activities

Mazatlan is considered as a golfer’s paradise with its courses and fields that offer breath-taking view of the ocean and luxuriant vegetation.

Meanwhile, the place is also great for family vacation since it offers many fun activities especially to children including horseback riding, snorkeling, and dolphin and whale watching. The Aquarium is also a must-see destination with its sea lion shows and hundreds of marine species.

Furthermore, the beachfront city is the home for Pacifico, one of the largest beer breweries in the country that also provides tours to the public.

Sports fishing and deep-sea fishing are also popular among vacationers and fishing enthusiast. However, people are advised to book their reservation few months in advance to make sure they will have a fishing boat.

Delectable Cuisine

Mazatlan has many beachfront restaurants that often serve seafood dishes. While establishments usually offer local cuisines, many provide German-influenced dishes. This is because Germans migrated to the city during the 19th century and to this day, the city has adopted some of their cuisines and tradition.

The restaurants in Mazatlan offer not just delectable cuisines but also a stunning view of the sea, with its rushing water that keeps on ebbing and the white sand that glistens under the sun.


There are many hotels, villas, and private residences that provide short- or long-term accommodations for tourists. When compared to other popular destination, Mazatlan has more affordable rates—making this ideal for vacationers and travelers who are in a tight budget.

Just a tip: the highest rates are generally between October to February (when most tourists are escaping the cold winter) so it is better to book a reservation during spring and summer. Another way to save money is to have a vacation package which is offered by many hotels.

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