Cheap Places to Stay in New Quay

Affordable Places to Stay in New Quay

There are quite a number of cheap places to stay in New Quay. The internet is where you can find some of the most affordable spots in New Quay. If you are traveling on a budget, this place is filled with exciting accommodations that is truly worth it at an affordable price.

New quay is one of the best places in Cornwall to visit. It has a seaside resort and a fishing port for fishing enthusiasts and travelers alike from all around the world. There are a number of hotels and cheap rentals that you can hire for you couple or your family. This is good especially if you are on a budget. Almost everyone can enjoy these apartments and enjoy the beauty of New quay at cheap prices. You can use internet to book online your favorite destination. There are a number of websites offering such services. But you will have to spend a little bit of time in searching the best and the cheapest place to stay in New quay.

Hotel accommodations can be found online using various websites such as and These website give you a detailed list of all the available houses or apartments which are privately owned either by the website or rented by some other owner. Starting from just 25 euro you can find beautiful hotels. There are also 100 euro rooms to in rent New quay.

Porth Lodge hotel costs you only 25 euro. 29 rooms are available in the hotel out of which 6 are singles, 10 are doubles, 10 are twins, 2 triple and 1 is family. Porth Lodge Hotel also offers en-suite facilities. Similarly, Atlantic hotel is starting from as low as 45 euro and they have 57 rooms which are all en-suite. Hotel Tregella is starting from just 30 euro and offers a really cheap and best option for budget cautious families. In fact, it is a family run hotel and it is where you can find your holiday memorable in this hotel.

Quies hotel is just starting from 32 euro and they have 10 rooms available. It is also a friendly family run hotel with lot of golf courses and fish lakes. You can also enjoy fishing as well as playing golf with your friends and family. They also baby sitting service if you brought along with you small children. St. Bernard is also a family run hotel but it is a little bit pricey with 8 rooms available starting from 66 euro. In this accommodation is where you can find real cleanliness and decoration as well.

From holiday parks to camp sites to beachfront apartments to hotels and self catering accommodations to surf lodges, you can find almost everything beautiful in New Quay. Simply you just cannot forget your holidays with your friends and family at these cheap places to stay in new quay

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