Camping On The Chesapeake Bay

Best Places to Camp on the Chesapeake Bay

Surrounded by two of the most productive places, Maryland and Virginia, Chesapeake Bay is recognized as the largest estuary in America. This place is said to be the drowned valley where the river flowed as the sea level lowered. This place is also has good climate which all visitors can easily adopt. The surrounded area is mainly humid subtropical, with hot, cold mild winters, and quite humid summers. So, if you are planning to visit some fun places for your outdoor activities like camping, Chesapeake Bay is the best for you.

Looking for the best place for your adventurous activity is very interesting but can be a difficult task. There are various places around the world that provide perfect leisure and happiness. Since Chesapeake Bay is considered as a type body of water, it provides salt water, fresh water, and brackish water. Aside from that, this estuary place has a large collection various tourist attractions and remarkable historical spots. So, if you are looking for the best place where you are going to hold your outdoor activities, this article will help you to find the perfect one.

Point Lookout State Park

You can find various recreational opportunities the uniquely designed by the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River. Visitors love this place because of the exceptional activities that you will surely enjoy and be amazed with. Such of these activities are swimming, fishing, camping, and boating. In addition to that, this place is believed its history as the place of prison camp that imprisoned more than fifty thousand confederate soldiers. There is also a museum that has many significant artifacts and historical materials that revealed the past events of the place.

Elk Neck State Park

This place is popular as the main travel destination that connects the wide landscape and waters of the bay. This park has 2, 188 acres of sandy beaches, heavily wooded bluffs, and marshland. There is the Light House that best for hiking journey and known as the signature landmark of the park. The light house is historically located at the southern tip of the Elk Neck peak. It is intently built for visitors who are fond of adventurous tripping especially those who want to have romantic vacation with loved one. There are many stunning historic tales unfolded right here under the “watchful Beacon” of the lighthouse such as about daunting challenges, tragedy, and heroism.

Caledon State Parks

Caledon is a place that known as the National Natural Landmark which provides you the remarkable opportunity of seeing bald eagles in their native habitat. This is place is an environmentalist area because it has various preserved plants and different species of animal that conserved by the ecologists. Tourists can enjoy the attractiveness of Caledon by picnicking and hiking in a green forest. The hiking trails have various young and colorful birds. You can also perform some exciting outdoor activities like swimming and fishing.

York River State Park

This park provides visitors an excitement opportunity to feel the environment of water adventure. It is rich of rare and preserved environment where you can experience the fresh air and clean water. The best about the park is it promotes the importance of the conservation of the environment as well as the habitat of the rare animals.

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