Breakfast Places in San Diego

Cheap Restaurants in San Diego for Breakfast

There are some people who love to start their day with power breakfasts. If you are one of them then you should visit San Diego. This is the place where breakfast restaurants are part of tourist attractions. There are many spots to have breakfast while you are in San Diego.

Like most people all over the world, people living in San Diego love to dine out for breakfast. You can find different restaurants that offer breakfast and there are a lot of people waiting for their bacon, waffles and sausage. If you are looking for a city that got streets with dotted breakfast restaurants that are classified as great in terms of serving delicious meals then it is best to visit San Diego. Choosing among which is the best among them is difficult but here are some great places that you can try.

Top places to have breakfast in San Diego

Situated in Hillcrest is a place called Ortega’s. You can savor Mexican dishes like mimosas and tortillas. Start your early morning with the classic dishes coming from Mexico. Their best sellers include French toasts and their own version of pancakes which is the challah bread in whipped cream and sugary syrup.

A European styled café found in the downtown San Diego is where you can eat beautiful breakfast dishes. Café Chloe is a place where you can taste different kinds of egg dishes. During the weekends, they have special menu for brunch and you can select from unique meals. Be treated with a simple turned classy sandwich that is filled using ham and gruyere cheese.

If you want a view of the beach while eating breakfast then check out The Mission. This is an exciting place to have breakfast. You can choose from different kinds of pancakes and other breakfast plates. If you want healthy meals, they actually offer Zen breakfasts with tofu, brown rice and vegetables.

For first time visitors, be impressed with a nice restaurant called Cody’s. You can enjoy breakfasts and have amazing view of the La Jolla Cove. You can order from their well crafted signature dishes ranging from omelets to pancakes. This restaurant is classified to be luxurious in terms of serving breakfast.

Mary Jane’s Coffee Shop is where you can spot celebrities dining around. They offer people American breakfast but of course they change them a bit. They are famous for their huge eggs and Johnny Hash. The atmosphere can be described to hippy and playful.

If you want huge portions then you can visit Hash House A Go Go. They offer more than just their hash. Their corned beef and meat loafs are served with fruits and biscuits. Don’t forget to try their gigantic pancakes and French toast.
Seeking for modern breakfast choices, then you can visit Currant. They serve their trendy interpretations of classic breakfast dishes.

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