Best Places to See In Maui

Best Places to Visit in Maui

Maui is one of the picturesque and lush islands in Hawaii. It is also known as the “Valley Isle” or the “Magic Isle”. There are many best places to see in Maui at any corner of the island. All you need to do is to plan your itinerary before taking your vacation in Maui.

The locals of Hawaii claim that Maui is the best island all over the world. This is because it captivates everyone to spend their vacation and experience a once in a lifetime vacation. Obviously, this is a perfect place for vacation because of the wonderful weather, abundant sunshine and mild tropical breezes. You can find enough accommodations such as condos, hotels and restaurants that would suit your budget and desire. Indeed, Maui is a paradise in such as way that it would entice you to experience thrilling adventures and discover new ones. In like manner, you can ensure that when you return home you are renewed and refreshed.

Ideal Places to Visit In Maui

  • Paia Town – It is a small town in Maui that was originally established for sugarcane field workers. However, nowadays it is inhabitated by surfers. Nevertheless, you could not expect great beaches and big resorts in this town.
  • Hookipa Beach Windsurfers – This is a famous destination ideal for windsurfers that cannot be found in any place throughout the world. It is located along the Hana Road.
  • Puahokamoa Falls – The falls is located off the Hana Highway but you will experience different world once you get into. It is a series of various falls and if you want less crowded you should go further upstream. The Lower Puahokamoa Falls is 200 feet.
  • Keanae Peninsula – This is a perfect place to shot some pictures as it overlooks the Pacific Ocean. That is why when you decide to visit this place you should bring with you a camera.

Aside from the above mentioned places, there are other destinations that you can visit while in Maui. Likewise, you can enjoy lots of activities at the gorgeous bays of Maui. You would be overwhelmed by the beauty of the undersea such as the colorful tropical fish, coral as well as the astonishing green sea turtles. Similarly, you can also enjoy playing golf in the numerous golf courses available in Maui.

The dining places in Maui offers mouth-watering dishes from the fresh produce and fresh fish from the local waters. There is a plethora of restaurants that offer high end gourmet experience. Above all, the spirit of aloha is the main reason why many people draw in Maui. You can ensure to treasure the best adventure in your life.

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