Best Places in Norway

Best Places to See in Norway

Wondering what the best places in Norway are worth visiting? We’ll help you decide which places to visit to maximize your time in Norway. The Kingdom of Norway is found in the Northern part of Europe and in the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Its neighbors include Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Russia. It is world renowned for its fjords.

One of the best places in Norway is its capital city Oslo. Oslo is home to several historical museums including the Viking Museum. It showcases well- preserved Viking ships that have been unearthed from different parts of the country. You can also visit the Munch Museum which houses the art works of the famous Nordic expressionist artist Edvard Munch. The museum has an extensive collection left by the artist to Oslo. You can also view the exhibits at the National Gallery and see its main attractions which include The Scream by Edvard Munch and other paintings by Cezanne and Monet. Make sure to pay a visit to the National History Museum which is a complex made up of several other museums like a Zoological, Geological, Paleontological and Dinosaur Museums. Oslo is also home to an opera house and amusement parks that you can visit with your kids. Do not forget to check out the magnificent sculptures in Vigeland Park. The more adventurous types can visit Holmenkollen Ski Jump, which is very popular among visitors. It is a modern, man-made steel ski jump that offers you a breathtaking ride as well as a magnificent view if Oslo, that is, if you can force yourself to look around while jumping.

Another best place in Norway is Bergen. Getting to Bergen should not be a problem because of its accessibility to all forms of transportation. Coming from Oslo, you will need to take a 50-minute plane ride. Bergen has its own UNESCO heritage site found in Bryggen, and it should be an interesting place to visit. You can also visit an old Royal Residence dating back to the 1200s. You can also visit museums particularly that which is dedicated to Edvard Grieg a famous composer who lived in Bergen. There are beautiful churches and science centers that you can visit to add to your Norwegian vacation. For visitors with their children, there is a lot of attraction that would appeal to them especially the Barnas Hus, a center specifically for children which hosts activities for kids every Saturdays of the week.

It is interesting to note that Bergen is where you should go if you are planning to see the fjords which Norway is famous for. You can book trips that would take you around this beautiful attraction right from Bergen.
If you want to see other best places in Norway, try taking the Flam Railway, a journey that in itself a parade of wonderful sceneries. The ride starts in Myrdal and ends in Flam. It is said to be twenty kilometers long and along the way you get to see waterfalls pouring down the side of mountains as well as farms located on the unbelievably steep slopes of the mountains. Upon reaching Flam, you can marvel at the beauty of the Aurlandfjord, part of the country’s longest fjord named Sognafjord.

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