Attractions in Bogota Colombia

Places to See in Bogota Colombia

Uniqueness of Bogotá city is seen in contrasting impact it has on visitors. The city has been reshaping its identity since founded in 1538; progresses uninterruptedly and steadily. Typical colonial identity of 20th Century is a history now. Dominancy of Spanish influence and flaking European tendencies can be seen in historical monuments and cultural amalgamation. French influence is evidenced that enhance its tourism identity. Skyscrapers and huge shopping centers are what make Bogota great.

Endless attractions in Bogota, Colombia are pivotal for explorers to enjoy this place when vacationing. It is because of diversity of culture and splendid architectural designs that turn this place beautiful and exciting. The rich characteristic of this city is valued greatly when visitors delve into its culture and feel most entertaining moments.

Unique Bogota, Colombia Attractions: Rich food variety is enchanting, so is oldest district of Bogota, Colombia, Barrio La Candelaria having many historical evidences to bring the past face before us. The streets of Bogota define why the city must be valued. Colonial houses of this city mark its identity especially if you see wooden balconies, clay tile roofs and streets. Definitely it has many locations which visitors won’t miss:

  • Casa de Poesía Silva
  • Palacio de San Carlos
  • Casa del Marques de San Jorge
  • Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango
  • Teatro Colón
  • Churches La Candelaria
  • San Ignacio
  • Nuestra Señora del Carmen

Capitolio Nacional and Edificio Lievano are stylistic buildings rich with architectural uniqueness. Similarly Palacio de Justicia , Museo 20 de Julio, Catedral Primada, Capilla del Sagrario and Palacio Arzobispal are attractions which can’t be ignored. Palacio Echeverry and Palacio de Nariño are beautiful presidential residences that explain splendid Bogota.

Interesting Locations: Plaza de Santander, Museo del Oro (Gold Museum) and Universidad del Rosario are some of the most attractive places in Bogota which can’t be missed out in any tour. Its International Center is major shopping and trading place. It is a place to go for spending great time. Museums here have good collection of the rare paintings and sculpture by many 17th century artists. Other locations include:

  • Torre Colpatria
  • Museo de Arte Moderno
  • Biblioteca Nacional
  • Parque de la Independencia
  • Toros La Santamaría
  • Museo Nacional
  • Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango Library

Modern Architecture: Holidaymakers finds best of comfort, excellent nightlife, wonderful cuisine, diverse cultural impact and hospitality in Bogota. Wonders of this city are found in modern architecture in building like Nueva Santa Fe which is incomparable indeed. Glimpses of late-20th century architecture are vividly observed in entire Bogota. Highly impressive Archivo General de la Nación, Avenida Jimenez de Quesada and Carrera 7are appealing spots as best attractions, so are unique Palacio de San Francisco, churches of La Tercera and La Veracruz.

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