Amusement Parks in New York State

Check Amusement Parks in New York State for Fun

There are many New York theme and amusement parks that offer memorable experience in a single visit itself. They are focused at entertaining younger generation but people of all ages have equal interest in them. Theme parks and water parks are equipped with best of the facilities so each visitor finds them good places to have fun and spend great time. They have campgrounds and performing arts center which add maximum attraction.

If you talk of theme parks then it is for sure that the focus is on certain theme and it is exclusive for unique and typical adventure. The New York State is acknowledged worldwide for its great interest in the theme parks and unending interest of the masses on this specialized theme. Luna Park in the Brooklyn area of New York has always been welcomed by thousands of youngsters who visit here to explore beauty, so do people do for hundreds of other such parks in this city.

Take for example kiddie rides, petting zoo and several shows of such kinds that are major attractions of these parks. Similar is the case of wave pools as well as the water sliding activities. These are the few unique attractions that specializes the amusement parks in whole New York City. A few of them include:

  • Midway Amusement Park equipped with vintage carousel, kiddie coaster and several classic riding tools
  • Nellie Bly Park
  • Rye Playland known for excellent classic park theme
  • Splish-Splash

Numerous Attributes

It is a proven fact that most such parks are equipped with original art-deco architecture and ambiance. Such preparation makes them look unique with excellent Dragon wooden coaster, amazing carousel, freefall ride and splashdown ride. Of course they enhance their beauty. A few theme parks are small but most others Christmas-themed parks also have few rides and shows too. All such parks are always opened in summer, so are a few suitably kept open in weekends prior to Christmas festival.

The Seabreeze Amusement Park located on the Lake Ontario have unique feature with excellent attribute, so can you see in Sherman's Amusement Park and Sylvan Beach Amusement Park. Both are smaller parks on the shores of Oneida Lake. Some more parks are enlisted below:

  • Victorian Gardens Amusement Park having several kiddie rides, face painting, storytelling, clowns and interactive games
  • The Great Escape
  • Midway Park – the oldest of continually operating amusement facilities
  • Country Jamboree
  • Adventureland
  • Nellie Bly Park
  • Rye Playland

The fact is undeniable that all amusement parks, including those in the New York State are noticed more for them being wonderful places for families to do vacationing. They combine old looks with new thrill rides fascinating millions. So amusement parks are entertaining and attractions combined for a great purpose.

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