A Metropolitan City in Mexico Guadalajara

A Vibrant Mexican City

For those who want to experience a true Mexican vacation, one of the most ideal destinations for tourists is Guadalajara which is a vibrant metropolitan city.

Furthermore, the place offers several parks for those who want to promenade, cathedrals for pilgrims and devotees, museums that showcase the local archeological past and paleontology, and other interesting destinations for tourists.

Guadalajara, which is the second largest city in Mexico, is not just a booming business area but also a popular place among tourists with its captivating cityscape and colonial buildings that exude quaint beauty.

Furthermore, the city offers many destinations and captivating landmarks for tourists, thus allowing them to experience a uniquely Mexican city that is beaming with contemporary beauty with a tinge of quaint ambiance of the colonial past.

Tourist Destinations

Plaza of the Crosses

For tourists who want to promenade in a relaxing and romantic place, they can visit the four plazas which are shaped like a cross. At the center of these plazas lies a magnificent cathedral which is not only visited by pilgrims but also tourists who want to see its grand architectural design.

Guadalajara zoo

This zoological park, which is a tropical forest, has an extensive collection of wild animals and provides a safari ride for visitors. It also offers complete amenities that make this place ideal for the whole family.

Plaza de Toros from Estadio Jalisco

A visit to Mexico is not complete without witnessing a bull fight, a traditional show that dates back from the colonial period. Bull fights are held 4:30 pm every Sunday.

Parque Agua Azul

Located approximately 1.5 km south of Centro, this park is a perfect respite from the bustling city. Also, this place has two museums: the one shows the archeological remnants while the other shows paleontology.

Instituto Cultutal Cabañas

Located on the east side of Plaza de la Liberacio, this art and cultural center has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 since it houses some popular fresco paintings of Jose Clemente Orozco, a social realism painter who has been well-known for his bold murals.

Mercado Libertad

Most commonly called as Mercado San Juan de Dios (named after the river which used to flow from the place), this multi-storey market is probably the best place to buy souvenirs, ornaments, and trinkets.

This market is also popular with its food court that offers different dishes including the local favorites such as the birria or goat stew and pozole or pork stew.

Plaza Guadalajara

This park houses a cathedral, a romantic outdoor restaurant, and a commercial center that sells garments, fruits, and jewelries.

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