A Beautifully Resort Town: Ensenada

Best Summer Beach, Ensenada

Ensanada, a city resort located near the Southern California border, is one of the best summer getaways in Mexico with its pristine water and clean beaches. Furthermore, tourists can enjoy various activities such as horseback riding, sports-fishing, and other water-sports activities. Apart from these, they can also go to La Bufadora which is a popular natural wonder in the country.

Ensenada is a lovely resort town that has been famous with its clean beaches and breath-taking sceneries. And since the area is very close to the boarder of Southern California and provides affordable accommodations, this has been one of the best summer getaways for college students or those vacationers with limited budget.

Places and Activities for Tourists

La Bufadora.

This natural wonder is one of the most visited places in Mexico. As a marine geyser (also called as blowhole), it spurts water as high as 80 feet above sea level when the ocean waves are pushed upward by the air coming from an underwater cave which is located in the Cliffside. When the water shoots upward, it also creates a thunderous noise.

Meanwhile, this area can be accessed by taking a ride to a micro tour bus which may cost $16 per person.

Estero beach

The beach offers fine sand, pristine water, and scenic views—a combination that is perfect for a relaxing summer getaway.

Within the beach, there is also the hotel Estero which provides high-class accommodations, services, convenience, and facilities.


Ensenada also attracts fishing enthusiasts with its water that is abundant with different kinds of fishes. Meanwhile, there are many boating rentals where tourists can choose different sizes of boats.

Baja 1000

This is an off-road race that is held in Baja California in the first week of June. In this event, different types of vehicles such as trucks, motorbikes, buggies, and custom-made carriers join the race which starts from Ensenada to La Paz.

Winery in Ensenada

Ensenada is also referred as a wine county with its beautiful cellars and of course its fine-tasting wines. One of the most famous of these wine companies is the Three Wine Women which make this alcoholic beverage in a traditional way.

Another notable establishment is the Dona Lupe Organic Winery and Bakery which not only sells alcoholic beverages but also other delicacies such as pizza, jams, jellies, pastries, spices, and sauces.

Horseback riding

There are many ranches that offer horseback riding for tourists who want to have a true Mexican vacation experience. Usually the trails include the beaches and the along the foothills of Sierra San Pedro Martir mountain range.

During the horseback excursion, it is important to hire a tour guide.

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