Quaint Charm of San Miguel de Allende

Sightseeing San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende is a small town in Mexico, which is surrounded by mountainous central region, has maintained its grandiose colonial buildings and other remnants of the Spanish era. The place is also popular with its thermal hot springs, gourmet restaurants, breath-taking landmarks, and rich culture and tradition.

San Miguel de Allende is a colonial town located approximately four hours north of Mexico city by traveling using a car. Surrounded by mountainous central region of the country, this is part of the Guanajuato state.

Because of the beauty of this small town, tourists can visit the place any time of the year. However, it would be ideal to plan the vacation during the Christmas season to witness Mexican traditions such as erecting nativity scene in churches. During this time, tourists will also enjoy food stalls, art galleries, and flea markets.

Another must-see Mexican tradition is posadas, also held every Christmas, in which young children reenact the scene where Mary and Joseph were looking for a place to rest after fleeing their town. This Christmas tradition, in which actors visit several houses from a neighborhood at 8 pm, begins from December 16 through the Eve of Christmas.

Apart from its beautiful culture and interesting tradition, San Miguel also offers landmarks and must-see places for tourists.

Taboada and El Cortijo thermal springs

There are several thermal springs in the town which have therapeutic effect to people. While there are many public spas, for tourists who are looking for a luxurious accommodation, Hacienda Hotel in Taboada is an ideal destination if someone wants to have a relaxing experience. The hotel also has tennis courts and field for horse back riding.

Jardin (town square)

For a relaxing promenade amid trees, shrubs, and colorful flowers, the town square is the perfect place to visit. There is also a gazebo in the center that provides shade in Mexico’s arid weather.

Within the town square lies Templo de San Rafael which is the first colonial building in the plaza. This church boasts grandeur design which was common during the colonial period.

Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel

This is another magnificent church that has baroque-style and neo-gothic towers that give this building a sense of grandiose, thus making this building an internationally recognized landmark in Mexico.

Casa de Allende

Considered to be the most well-preserved colonial mansion in the country, the Casa de Allende (which is near the town plaza) still manages to maintain its grand and splendid appearance.

The mansion also has a rich history because this is the birthplace of San Miguel de Allende who is one of the most important Mexican revolutionists who fought against the Spanish government.


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