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Zacatecas: Travellerís Guide

For those who want to explore the beauty of Zacatecas, which is a Mexican city that maintains its magnificent colonial architecture, this article will show the place’s famous landmarks, grand cathedrals, plazas which are perfect for promenading, cobblestone streets and quaint houses, cultural centers and museums, and a 19th century aqueduct.

The quaint beauty of Zacatecas can be seen in its colonial buildings, baroque-styled cathedrals, and cobblestone streets which make visitors feel they are transported to Europe’s Medieval Age.

According to historians, the city used to be a flourishing industrial district with its silver mines which were discovered during the 16 century. However, the place has been transformed into a virtual museum with its colonial structures that show the grandeur of the past.

Historic Downtown

To explore the city, the best place to start is the downtown area where the cobblestone and stair streets make it impossible to use cars; however, walking is truly worth it as visitors will have more time to marvel at beautiful houses and quaint shops.

As any typical Mexican city, Zacatecas has several cathedrals which were mostly built during the Spanish colonial period. One of the most distinctive of these is the Santo Domingo church which has been visited by pilgrims and tourists alike with its gilded religious icons, wood-carved saints, and classic paintings by a famous Mexican artist.

Other must-see places of worship are the San Agustin convent which is now used for cultural events and the La Compañia de Jesus which has an elaborate façade and vaults decorated with carved angels.

Just a walking-distance from Santo Domingo church lies the Palacio de Gobierno that houses classic murals.

For those who want to have a quiet walk, there are several plazas that offer a relaxing ambience such as the Parque General Enrique Estrada which is a beautiful park that has benches, fountain, and trees, making this a perfect place for a romantic getaway.

A few distance from this park lies the Templo de Fátima which is a neo-gothic temple that is located on a hill.

To enjoy an accommodation which is not like any typical hotel, the best place to stay is in Antigua Plaza de Toros San Pedro which is a former bullring. Near this luxury hotel lies the El Cubo aqueduct, a 19th century structure, that runs throughout the city.

Cultural Center

Because Zacatecas is rich in culture, the place is crawling with museums which were mostly colonial structures.

One of the most famous museums in town is the Rafael Coronel which used to be a 16th century convent. Today, this museum showcases an extensive collection of masks not just from different Mexican regions but also from other parts of the world.

Tourists can also visit other museums such as the Museo Pedro Coronel which displays art collections from different parts of the world and the Museo de la Toma de Zacatecas which displays weaponry.

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