El Tajin Sightseeing

Things to do in El Tajin, Mexico

El Tajin is a popular archeological site located in the Veracruz state of Mexico. According to archeologists, the ancient structures were built in 100 A.D. but were later abandoned by the early inhabitants.

However, the Spanish colonizers discovered this ancient structure during the 1700s and were later declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

El Tajin, a popular tourist destination in Veracruz state of Mexico, has been attracting thousands of local and foreign visitors with its pre-colonial structures that show the richness and mystifying past of the country, prompting UNESCO to declare this as a World Heritage Site.

According to archeologists, El Tajin has several buildings where early inhabitants held their religious ceremonies and sports events around 100 A.D. The place was later abandoned by its people and was only discovered by Spanish colonizers in the 1700s.

Travel Guide

For visitors who want to explore the ancient ruins, they should bring a wide-rimmed hat, sun block, comfortable walking shoes, and bottled water. It is also ideal to bring along a local tourist guide to make the exploration safer and more convenient.

Ideally, visitors should stay on nearby cities like Papantla or Poza Rica, which are both located on the Atlantic coast of the country. For those who have enough budget, they can stay at Tecolutla beach resort; however, the place is usually crowded during weekends so booking in advance is highly advised. (There is no hotel or any accommodation near the archeological site.)

Apart from the ancient ruins, the Voladores (flyers) is also a must-see spectacle for tourists. This is a performance where several people will do a dare-devil stunt by slowly descending while spinning on a rope which is tied to a pole.

While it is allowed to bring cameras and video recorders, tourists have to pay extra fee for these equipment.

Meanwhile, there are several souvenir shops which sell trinkets and local crafts for tourists. There are also some restaurants that offer traditional Mexican delicacies.

Ancient Structures

According to archeologists, El Tajin has more than 150 buildings; however, only 20 of these have been excavated and restored. The rest of the ancient structures, which are mostly buried in deep soil and grass, are yet to be discovered and excavated.

Meanwhile, most excavated structures were a labyrinth of rooms. For example, the pyramid of Niches was said to have 365 alcoves, some of which are believed to be secret rooms where the early inhabitants keep unimaginable treasures and religious icons.

Another notable structure is the Plaza Menor which is a ceremonial center where ancient inhabitants played a religious sports game in which the winning captain will be beheaded and offered to the gods.

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