Travel to Cuernavaca, Mexico

Breath-taking Beauty of City of Eternal Spring

For those who want to taste a true Mexican delicacy, one of the best places to visit is the city of Cuernavaca which is located about 52 miles south of Mexico city. The reason why this place is popular among local and foreign tourists is the beautiful parks, pleasant climate, water theme parks, night spots, and world-class restaurants.

Cuernavaca, more popularly called as the City of Eternal Spring, is the capital of Morelos which is located about 52 miles south of Mexico city.

With many attractions and landmarks in the country, this place is one of the most popularly visited by foreign and local tourists with its year-round pleasant climate and breath-taking landmarks, mouth-watering local cuisine, and highly diverse culture.

Local Delicacy

A visit to a foreign place is not complete without tasting its local delicacy which reflects its rich history and culture. With this axiom, anyone who will visit Cuernavaca should not miss tacos which are sold along the calle de los tacos (street of tacos) located in Nueva Inglaterra. However, make sure to dine to a food stall or restaurant that practices hygienic food preparation.

Meanwhile, tacos-serving restaurants which are the most popular in calle de los tacos are the Los Orientales, Plan d’Ayala, Grano del Oro, and La Gringa.

Another popular local delicacy is the Pozole which is a brown soup with vegetables, corn, and meat.

For those who prefer to dine in a luxurious restaurant, they should visit the town center where several world-class food establishments offer not just mouth-watering dishes but also elegant ambience. Take for example the Las Mañanitas which is a hotel famous for its restaurant with peacocks roaming around the garden.

For pizza and Italian food lovers, they should visit the Trattoria Marco Polo which is located just across the street from a cathedral. Apart from its mouth-watering dishes, this restaurant also provides an elegant ambience that will set the mood for a feast.

Nightlife in Cuernavaca

Like most tourist destinations, the city offers a vibrant nightlife to visitors. For those who want to party hard, the best place to visit is the El Alebrije which is a chain of bars and nightclubs where yuppies and wealthy people flock.

Because many bars in the area are considered high-end, entrance may be difficult for some especially for men who do not have a female companion.

Conventional Tourist Destination

Water theme parks, natural springs, and rivers are very common in the city. One of the most popular of these is the El Rollo which is a water park that offers complete amenities like restaurants, rooms, and hot baths.

For tourists looking for a perfect souvenir, they should visit the Palacio de Cortes Market and Plaza Cuernavaca that offer Mexican handcrafts and restaurants.

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