Most Beautiful Beach in Mexico

Most Beautiful Beach in Mexico That Is Worth to Visit

Mexico boasts with gorgeous beaches in the 6,000 miles coastline. However, locals of Mexico have different opinions regarding the best beaches in the City. This means that you can find the most beautiful beach in Mexico according to your needs.

With the numerous beaches available in Mexico, tourists will be overwhelmed to choose the most beautiful beach in Mexico. That is why it is important that before heading to Mexico you should first plan your itinerary. In this way, you can ensure to visit the beaches where you can spend your vacation.

Top Favorite Beautiful Beaches

  • Maroma Beach – The entire coast of Mexico boasts white sand beaches and neon-turquoise, clear waters. Maroma beach stands out because off the powdery white beaches and serene setting. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle in Cancun you can consider the romantic getaway of Maroma beach.
  • Zicatela Beach – Located in Puerto Escondido Oaxaca, Zicatela beach is considered as the best surfing beach in Mexico. It is the home of the Mexico Pipeline that is why surfers can enjoy the waves. International surfing competitions are held in this place in August and November that is why it is among the top 10 surfing destinations throughout the world. On the other hand, for newbie surfers, you can still enjoy the water in some charming coves that allows you to swim placidly.
  • Yucatan Gulf coast – Another beautiful beach that you can found in Mexico is the Yucatan Gulf Coast that is located in the northeast of Merida. It is also known as Flamingo Coast and is composed of small fishing village. The good thing about this beach is that you can find beach homes at affordable costs. Although there is less amenities in the coast but you can find other beach property at reasonable prices. That is why if you are looking for pretty-people action and trendy discos this is not the right place to be.
  • Playa del Carmen – Aside from being one of the beautiful beaches in Mexico, Playa del Carmen offers casual, cool beach scene that has plenty of accommodations, excellent bars, restaurants as well as shops. Spending your vacation at Playa del Carmen it is ensured to be relaxing. Likewise, you can also purchase high quality crafts like jewelry in this resort. It is also ideal for world class diving and the marine park allows tourists to encounter with dolphins.

Beach resorts attract lots of tourists during Easter, Christmas and in June to August because the sea is smooth. Whichever beach you may go you can enjoy great foods and drinks, lively music in the evening as well as dance. Moreover, you can inquire for tour packages in this way you can ensure that your vacation will be one of a kind.

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